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Landscaping that Supports Wildlife

… let’s look at the basics of designing landscapes with wildlife in mind, starting with food sources. Whether you are drawn to nectar-lovers like…

7 Shrubs that Amaze in Autumn

The best season for observing change is autumn, but for many of us, fall is really fleeting. We need plants that make the most of these precious weeks!

6 Interesting Fall Plant Combos

We did the hard work for you here so you just need to plant and enjoy these picture-perfect autumn centered combos for years to come.

8 Steps for Transplanting Shrubs

As you walk through your garden this fall, you might have similar feelings. The itch for change! So, let’s get to the bottom of transplanting.

How to Transplant a Shrub

… you’ll be transplanting plenty of things over your time as a gardener. Hopefully, this quick 9-step how-to will make the process a little easier.  

Top Shrubs for Cold Climates

Living in a cold climate can be dull, but the plants in your garden don’t have to be! You might be surprised at just how

End Hydrangea Color Confusion Now

September 21st, 2022 By now, panicle hydrangeas are at their peak, bigleaf and mountain hydrangeas have shown their true colors, and smooth hydrangeas are mellowing

How Hydrangeas Change Color

Let’s talk plainly about why and how hydrangeas change color. I’d like to go over each of the main types of hydrangeas…

7 Tips for Balcony Gardening

Even in the smallest space you can still have a beautiful garden Are you aching for your own plot of land in order to start

Fall Planting FAQ

September 7th, 2022 Gardening is multitasking! One walk through the garden allows us to both enjoy our successes and decide what needs some tweaking. So,

3 Tips for Growing Hydrangeas in Full Sun

It is tempting to plant a hydrangea in a full sun spot, but unless you’re happy to run an experiment you might want to know just how to have success. Let’s touch on the three things…

Fall planting FAQ

If you thought spring was the best season for planting, you’re not alone. However, there are so many good reasons to plant shrubs, trees, and perennials in the fall instead.

Late Summer Bloomers

Late summer can be rough on plants, whether they burn up or just stop blooming altogether. Here are three of the gorgeous late summer bloomers.

Summer Rebloomers

How do you get more beauty with less work? You grow plants that rebloom! Better yet, plants that rebloom without deadheading.

6 Summer Reblooming Shrubs

Even though summer is full of flowers, sometimes we simply want more. Thankfully there are flowering shrubs that rebloom (flowering first on old wood and then again on new wood) or those that put on a continuous show.

7 Tips for Planting in Summer

Planting in summer. Being surrounded by beautiful plants in beautiful gardens often results in a pesky inspirational itch. Even if you’re a seasoned gardener and you know that it involves extra work

3 Tips to Deadhead a Butterfly Bush

Although it’s not necessary to deadhead Proven Winners ColorChoice butterfly bushes, you can do it to give them a tidier appearance. For older varieties of butterfly bush…

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