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Get more from your garden. More involved, more knowledgeable, more inspired. In these articles, you’ll learn how to care for your garden, express your creativity through crafts, and more.
Potentilla Happy Face Yellow in a drought tolerant garden

3 Tips for Drought Tolerant Gardening

Don’t sacrifice the look of a welcoming, lush garden because your weather won’t cooperate. (We’re looking at you, sad droopy plants!) We have a three step process for helping you grow the lush drought tolerant garden of your dreams!

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Chicken standing beside a reminiscent coral rose in a Proven Winners Colorchoice white pot

6 Chicken Friendly Shrubs

If you love chickens and have some roaming around your yard (and gardens), you may be wondering:

What shrubs are safe for chickens?

Is it okay for them to be eating this kind of shrub?

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A child is in a safe garden, opening and closing the gate.

4 tips for Gardening with Children

If stepping into the garden can instantly improve your mood, just imagine how powerful that experience is for a child. If you’re reading this, you probably want to share the overwhelming goodness of nature and the joy of growing things with a child in your life. I wanted that too!

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