Frequently Asked Questions

For the largest plants at the best price, we always recommend shopping at your local garden center. Even though there has been a huge surge in online retailers of our plants, it is generally cost-prohibitive to ship the large 3 or 5 gallon plants that you can pick up at your local garden center. Buying at a garden center near you is also the best choice for local expertise and guidance. Hundreds of independent garden centers and box stores sell Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs; click here to find a list.

Due to the way our plants are distributed, we unfortunately have no way of knowing which garden centers sell which of our plants, nor which wholesale grower(s) supply them with our shrubs. If you would like to purchase a specific variety, reach out to the tree and shrub department manager at your favorite garden center and ask if they can source it for you from those growers.

If you are buying actual plants, hopefully not – we haven’t had reports of such issues yet, but if you are concerned about something you’ve seen or been sent, you are welcome to contact us. One major exception, however, is with seeds: none of our shrubs are available as seed, ever, and we do not endorse anyone making an offering of our shrubs as seed on any site. Not only is it extremely difficult to verify that the seed you are getting if you order these is even for the right species, and if so, if it’s even viable, it’s also very time consuming to grow woody plants from seed. Finally, growing our plants from seed means you are highly unlikely to end up with something that resembles the parent, as cross pollination would have occurred. We work hard to keep fraudulent offerings of seed off the internet, however, they keep popping up like…well, weeds!

While we very likely supplied the grower you purchased them from, we don’t offer any plants for sale on this site. As such, you will need to contact the company where you bought them for any questions or issues with your order. If you have questions about growing any of our shrubs, you are welcome to use our contact form to get in touch.

Our plants are easy to find in the US and Canada. They are also available in most of Europe through our partners at ValkPlant. Please reach out to them directly if you are in the EU and looking for a Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrub variety in your country.

Spring Meadow Nursery is wholesale to the trade only and not open to the public at any time. We do have a private trial and display garden, however, this is only open to groups by prior arrangement well in advance of a visit. Please contact us for more information.

Here at Spring Meadow, we post all openings on Indeed . If you are interested in a job with one of the other Proven Winners partner nurseries, please visit their site directly. 

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