How to Pick the Right Plant for a Gift

Plants make great gifts, there’s one to fit every personality! We want to help you choose the right one. When it’s time to stroll the garden center and make a decision, we’ve got three tips to help you choose the perfect plant as a gift.

1. Consider the person. Do they especially enjoy a certain season? If so, get a plant that will be at its peak appeal at that time. Think lilacs or forsythia for spring, hydrangeas or roses for summer, bottlebrush and viburnum for fall, and winterberry or evergreens for winter. If you’re unsure, go with a classic like a hydrangea.

2. Consider their growing conditions. Check the tag for two things: light requirements and the growing zone. Find out what their USDA growing zone is. And while you’re at it, see fun shrubs for shade and for sun.

3. Consider the specific plant. If you have a group of plants to choose from, pick one with:

  • the most flower buds (the giftee will enjoy seeing the buds transform into blooms) 
  • good branching 
  • healthy looking foliage 

Do they like spending time inside? Get a plant they’ll enjoy seeing out the window!

Do they like spending time outside? Get them a plant with rich sensory appeal!

Do they really love relaxing? Get a tried and true, low-maintenance plant!

Are they already an avid gardener? Get a plant that keeps the pollinators coming!

If choosing just the right plant feels a little too daunting, get a gift card to your local garden center and plan a date to go pick one together! Find a local Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs retailer near you. 

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