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Two concepts define the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand: great flowering shrubs and evergreens, and the marketing support behind them to ensure sales for wholesalers and retailers alike. Scroll down for a closer look at some of the creative for our 2021 campaigns.

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Landing Pages for Ad Campaigns

Shrubs of the Year Landing Pages

2022 Pages

Radio Ads - Broadcast & Digital

Podcast Ads

Hulu & OTT Ads

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs – 2022 Hulu Commercial

Panicle hydrangea ads

English Version

French Version

OTT Mother's Day Campaign

English Version

French Version

Plants of the Year Print Ads

Better Homes & Gardens, May 2022; HGTV Magazine, May 2022; American Rose, July 2022; Fine Gardening, July 2022; Garden Gate, July 2022
HGTV Magazine, March 2022; Better Homes & Gardens, April 2022; Canadian Living April 2022; Country Living, May 2022; Fine Gardening, May 2022; Garden Gate, May 2022; Harrowsmith, May 2022; Birds & Blooms, Jan & June 2022
Better Homes & Gardens April 2021; HGTV Magazine, April 2021; Country Living, May 2021; Reveal Magazine, Spring 2021; Garden Gate Magazine, May/June 2021 - back cover; Fine Gardening, May/June 2021 - inside front cover
Better Homes & Gardens March 2021; Southern Living, March 2021; Garden Gate Magazine, March/April 2021 - back cover; Fine Gardening, March/April 2021
Better Homes & Gardens Gardening SIP, March 2021 - back cover; HGTV Magazine, March 2021; Garden Gate magazine, January/February 2021 - back cover; Fine Gardening, January/February 2021
Gardening Simplified magazine
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