Double Take Eternal White™ Quince

The impact that this continuously flowering, elegant beyond words quince brings to the garden will have you doing a double take. Truly, Double Take Eternal White quince’s big, camellia-like blooms are packed along its branches. Little lime-colored, pearl-like buds are tucked within these bunches of flowers and promise an even longer show. With each branch practically shining out of the garden, its wider-than-tall habit is nicely highlighted. It makes a lovely ground cover or grouping in the middle of the border.

Why grow Double Take Eternal White quince?
– Long flower period
– Useful wider-than-tall habit
– Heavy flower set

Additional information

Dimensions3 × 4 ft

5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Flower Color


Foliage Color







Full Sun, Part Sun


Any, Dry, Moist

Bloom Time

Spring to Summer


Borders, Cottage gardens, Cutting Gardens, Foundations, Mass Planting


Attracts pollinators, Clay soil, Cut flower, Deer resistant, Drought tolerant, Heat tolerant, Landscape plant

Blooms On

Old wood

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Plant Care

Light: Grows best in a spot that gets a minimum of four hours of direct sun exposure, up to all day light.

Soil: Will grow in any type of well-draining soil.

Water: Has average water needs and is relatively drought tolerant once it’s established.

Fertilizing: Apply a fertilizer formulated for flowering woody shrubs in early spring.

Pruning: Doesn’t generally need much pruning, but you can shape it in the springtime. It will benefit from rejuvenation pruning every 4 to 6 years or so. Just remove 1/3 of the thickest, oldest stems.

Other: This is a thornless series, so it’s perfect for flower arrangements.