Good Vibrations® Privet

Foliage so bright it shines out of any landscape. This variegation, unlike many other privets, is mostly gold with bright green in the center. Its coloration looks even more cheerful on branches that pop out from the center, like a firework. With a naturally smaller habit, it makes a nice addition to the border and behaves perfectly as a hedge. It works hard in even the toughest conditions, through drought, heat, and even deer.

Why grow Good Vibrations privet?
– Colorful foliage brightens the landscape
– Mature size is much smaller than a normal privet
– Responds nicely to pruning

Additional information

Dimensions4 × 4 ft

6, 7, 8, 9

Flower Color


Foliage Color

Green, Yellow






Full Sun, Part Sun


Any, Average, Dry, Moist

Bloom Time

Late Spring


Edging, Foundations, Hedges, Low Hedges, Mass Planting, Screening


Deer resistant, Drought tolerant, Foliage interest, Landscape plant

Blooms On

Old wood


Dr. Tom Ranney

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Plant Care

Light: Thrives in a spot that is situated in direct sunlight for a minimum of four hours and up to all-day exposure.

Soil: Not particular about soil.

Water: Needs average water while it’s getting established. After a year or so, it’s quite drought-tolerant.

Fertilizing: You can apply a granular fertilizer formulated for evergreens in the springtime.

Pruning: Pruning is hardly ever needed, but you can definitely prune it to any shape you’d like. It responds very well to pruning. Do so in the early springtime. If you’d like to do some rejuvenation pruning, remove a few of the thickest branches every three years or so.

Other: Gets the darkest coloring in full sun.