Just Chill Red Tip™ Camellia

With foliage just as pretty as its flowers, Just Chill Red Tip camellia is the absolute star of the garden. You’ll love the way the details don’t just fade into the background, but really pop at a time of the year when everything else is winding down. Its lovely anemone-like, pale pink flowers emerge in mid-fall to winter. The wide petals and extremely fluffy, golden centers are such a cheerful contrast to the shiny, dark burgundy new growth. It’s the perfect size for use as a specimen, flowering hedge, or even as a foliage filler option in a cut flower garden.

Why grow Dressed Up Red Tip camellia?
– Fabulous glossy burgundy new growth
– Year-round beauty
– Great deer resistance

Additional information

Dimensions3 × 3 ft
Botanical Name



6b, 7, 8, 9

Flower Color


Foliage Color

Burgundy, Green






Full Sun, Part Sun


Acidic, Moist

Bloom Time

Fall, Winter


Borders, Cottage gardens, Cutting Gardens, Hedges, Specimen


Attracts pollinators, Deer resistant, Evergreen, Fall interest, Foliage interest, Winter Interest

Blooms On

New wood


Mike Farrow

Plant Care

Light: Thrives in a spot that is situated in direct sunlight for a minimum of four hours and up to all day exposure.

Soil: Pretty particular about soil. Really enjoys growing in moist, fertile, acidic soil.

Water: Enjoys moist soil. Doesn’t respond well to drought.

Fertilizing: Has high nutrient needs. Apply a fertilizer formulated for plants that enjoy acidic soil at least once in the spring.

Pruning: Pruning is hardly ever needed. You can cut dead wood out in the springtime or prune it to shape in the late winter or early spring after it is done flowering.

Other: Foliage works well as a filler for cut flower arrangements and lasts for a long time.