Sonic Bloom® Wine Weigela

There are two things gardeners love most about weigela. The first is dreamy dark foliage and the close second is abundant reblooming. We’ve combined those two lovely traits into one super easy-to-grow plant. Sonic Bloom Wine has elegant dusty burgundy foliage that perfectly sets up bright bubblegum-pink blooms from spring to summer. With such a compelling color combo, you’ll probably get just as many human visitors as hummingbirds. Its slightly narrower-than-tall habit is right at home in the middle of a border or foundation planting, surrounded by other pollinator favorites.

Why grow Sonic Bloom Wine weigela?
– Fabulous color combination
– Extremely long bloom time
– Easy care regimen

Additional information

Dimensions4 × 4 ft
Botanical Name

Weigela florida 'SMNWFG' PP#35,120; CBRAF

Flower Color


Foliage Color







Full Sun


Average, Well-drained

Bloom Time

Spring; Summer to Fall


Borders, Foundations, Hedges, Mass Planting


Attracts pollinators, Deer resistant, Foliage interest, Reblooming

Blooms On

Old and new wood


Megan Mathey

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Plant Care

Light: It gets the best foliage color and highest bloom count in full sun.

Soil: Adaptable to most soils, except those that stay wet.

Water: Average water needs.

Fertilizing: Nothing special required. If desired, you may apply a granular fertilizer formulated for woody plants in late winter/early spring when the soil is workable.

Pruning: Rejuvenation pruning every 3 to 5 years is recommended – this is the process of removing 1/3 of the thickest branches all the way to the ground. Maintains its habit naturally, no need to prune to shape.

Other: Makes a great cut flower or foliage filler for arrangements.