Buxus Sprinter
Buxus Sprinter
Buxus Sprinter
Buxus Sprinter

Sprinter® Boxwoods

This is a fast-growing variety with glossy foliage and excellent hardiness. The upright habit makes it good for hedging.

Additional information

Dimensions2 × 2 ft
Botanical Name

<i>Buxus microphylla</i> 'Bulthouse' PP#25,896, CBR#5282


5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Foliage Color







Full Sun




Borders, Foundations, Hedges, Specimen


Alkaline soil, Compact, Deer resistant, Disease resistant, Evergreen, Winter Interest

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Plant Care

Light: Boxwood is one of the only shrubs that reliably thrives in full sun to full shade.

Soil: Any well-drained soil will do; though it is a broadleaf evergreen, acidic soils are not preferred – very slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils are best.

Water: Average water needs. Though boxwood can show some drought tolerance, excessive dryness causes stress that can lead to pest and disease issues.

Fertilizing: Little needed; one early spring application of a granular fertilizer formulated for woody plants is sufficient, unless plant experienced severe winter stress.

Pruning: Sprinter boxwood naturally grows into an appealing globe shape. It may be trimmed if desired – do so after the new growth has emerged but before it hardens off, usually late spring. Remove any winter damaged portions in early spring.

Other considerations: Because it is an evergreen, boxwood can be susceptible to winter damage, with leaves turning bronze, brown, or tan. Minimize any winter damage by keeping the plants covered with a good 2-3″/5-7cm layer of shredded bark mulch. If autumn weather has been dry, water plants by hand up until the ground freezes: winter drought stress is the biggest cause of winter damage on boxwoods.