Weeping Extraordinaire™ Flowering Cherry

An excellent spring show awaits with Weeping Extraordinaire™ weeping cherry. Its slightly arched branches fill with double blooms in various shades of pink, verging on white. When the buds start to open, the flowers are a dark rosy pink and quickly mature to a light pink color. After the petals fall off, beautiful coppery new growth is revealed. As it grows, the foliage runs a lovely shade of bright emerald green until fall when it deepens to burgundy. It makes a lovely specimen plant or a line along a driveway or fence.

Why grow Weeping Extraordinaire weeping cherry?
– Extravagant flower show.
– Cheerful summer foliage.
– Interesting weeping habit.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 10 ft

5, 6, 7, 8

Foliage Color







Full Sun


Acidic, Average, Well-drained

Bloom Time



Cottage gardens, Foundations, Fruit Production, Shade tree, Specimen, Woodland gardens


Attracts pollinators, Disease resistant, Fall interest, Landscape plant, Tree

Blooms On

Old wood


Jim Zampini

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Plant Care

Light: Full sun (6+ hrs/day)

Soil: Prefers moist but well-drained, slightly acidic soils.

Water: Average water needs.

Fertilizing: If desired, fertilize in early spring using a granular (not liquid) fertilizer formulated for woody plants, like a rose or tree fertilizer. One application a year is sufficient in most areas. However, if you are starting with a very small plant, you may wish to fertilize monthly through late July to encourage more rapid growth.

Pruning: Little needed. You may selectively prune out branches to achieve a desired shape and habit if you wish, but regular pruning is neither required nor recommended.